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9th mo. 6th 6th day
Cloudy early morning, cleared
off warm before noon: father
took sister to Laurel, on her
way home, he went to Avondale,
home in the evening: Lucy
called at Harewood in the morning
I went to the office and to see
Aunt Sally and Angenetta Tucker
in the afternoon: Lucy and Minnie
Snowden here to supper: Dr. Rankin
and wife called her with
afternoon: our men begun cutting
corn here.

7th 7 day
Clear most of the day and very warm: Helen
spent the day here: Henrietta
came up awhile after supper:
Uncle E. Thomas called in the
morning: father at home until after
supper he went to Ingleside.

8th 1st day
Clear until evening: a thunder

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