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20th. 3d. day
Clear and mild: I took Aunt
Lizzie to Clifton and spent an hour,
then went to Ashton and Uncle
Charlie's, and back to Cherry Grove.

21st. 4th. day
Fair and windy: father at Uncle
Samuels and Ingleside in the
afternoon: Henrietta called at our
house before meeting: I took Aunt
Lizzie a little ride in the afternoon
Sarah Stone and Sally Bond, Sarah
Pigeon and her little girl at Cherry
Grove in the afternoon.

22d. 5th. day
Clear, cold and windy: Henrietta
brought me home from Uncle Sam
uels: she spent the day here:
Anna Wetherald came here to
spend several days: Anna Stabler

Page 17
20th. 3d. day
Clear and mild: I look [?]aunt
Lizzie to _ and spent an hour
then went to [?]Lshlin and [?]lende
Charlie's, and hack to Cherry Snore.

21st. 4th. day
Hair and windy: father of [?]lende
Sammuels and Ingleside in the
afteroon: Hernriella called of our
force beofre meeting: I look around
Lizzie a leiele [?]nide in the afternoon
Sarah [?] Pline and Sally Bond, Sarah
Pigeon and her lieele geil