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Page 83
Called after meeting: Brother
sister and myself called at
Harewood after supper: Albina
Stabler had a son yesterday.

22d -
Clear and very warm: Father mother
Brother and sister all went to
Ingleside to tea: Lucy at Harewood
awhile after tea.

23d. -
Clear and pleasant: Brother and
Sister dined at Uncle Calebs, took
tea at Warwick Millers: Anna
Stabler here to tea.

24th -
Clear and pleasant: Brother went
home: Lucy and Sister went to see

Page 83
Called atles [meeling?] [Berthes?]
[Leiles?] and [merpel?] called at
Harewood atles [lephes?] [?]
[?] had a [len?] yesterday.

22d -
Clear and very warm father mother
brother and [Lesles?] all went to
[Ingleside?] to lea [?] at Harewood
[awhele?] atles lea.

23d. -
Clear and pleasant Brother and
[Lesles?] [denied?] at [lenele?] [Caleho?] [forh?]
lea at [?] [hilles?] annna
[Flattes?] here to lea.

24th -
Clear and pleasant Brother went
home [Lecey?] and [Lesles?] went to [?]