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Diary: Ellen Stabler, 1922

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1922 8th mo 19th 7th day Graham Stabler called here in the morning; Frank called at Fair Hill in the morning went with Edward to their Club at Sunny-Side in the evening. Fanny called to see Miss Ball, and at Lucy's after supper.

20th 1st day Thermometer 62 at 8 o'clock; Bright all day. Frank and Fanny went to meeting in the morning and in the afternoon called to see Virginia [Steer] and t Mrs Barkers. Marjorie and family here awhile late in the afternoon. Very windy all day.

21st 2nd day Thermometer 58 at 7 o'clock. Bright and cool all day; Fanny sick. Dr. Bird here to see her in the evening:

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