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deed every body does. I begin to feel as if thee was
entirely too good for me, and at Stanmore this aft.
They almost told me so. Uncle Wm. says tell thee
that he intends to watch whether I go down towards
Mrs Mackalls often! I have been at home every
evening and to every meal since thee left us. Indeed
if thee remains away many months longer, I shall
become quite a family man and prepared to let thee
go to Congress or be a Judge. The children are
very good and interesting & Robt. is lovely when
he is behaving himself, which is part of the time.
Sometimes he is less tractable than at others.
Bridget sends much love and says "dont worry about
home, because every body is having an easy enough
time". She has just brought in Franks overcoat
beautifully mended. The Kitchen Girls continue
Paragons as far as I hear or know to
the contrary. They seem pleased at receiving thy
messages. Amelia was here yesterday and I
expect that the ironing is done !!! To think of that
terrible job being over for another whole week?
In thy Utopia there will be neither meals nor
ironing days. Arnold returned from town tonight
having need $1.15 for Timothy hay. He seem to be well
again. I know if nothing new, makes it is a
Report that Maria Weaver was married but some
think it was not "our" Maria --

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