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I infer from thy letters that thee is having quite as good
a time as thee expected. Thee does not say a word
about coming home. When does thee expect to return?
Father H. goes down tomorrow to return on [??]day, but will be
engaged in the evening and cannot get to Alexa. Will there
be room for me? Why do they want to know when I am
coming? Will it interfere with M. A's visit? I should
like to see her. I am sorry thy teeth are not being attended
to. We ought to have written to Dr. D. Has thee heard
Mrs. Adams sing? I hope Eliza will invite her round when
I come. I like her singing better than Mrs. McC's.

To-morrow will be thy Birth-Day !! I wonder if people
that are able to give their wives presents really love them
any more than our poor _____s who cannot? How would
it feel to be able to hand thee a silk dress or a good watch; or
some other thing thee wants and needs? Well! We are not to remain
here forever & in a couple of thousand years the
dress would be moth eaten and the watch not running.
Kindness and [gentle??]ness and consideration however bear fruits
that are perennial. May I ever, more and more, be able to
lay these upon thy alter on each returning day while spared
to enjoy thy true gooodness & womanly worth. Such woman
as thee are not found often in this curious world, and such
a fine as sainted Mother M. has raised, (??) bless
poor human kind. I must leave a time for morning.
Goodnight and Pleasant dreams!

24th. The morning dawns beautifully on thy BirthDay,
all well and bright. The children have been talking a good
deal about thee and are going to celebrate the occasion of
being as good as possible. Love from all to all. Affte.

H. C. H.

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