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it gives. There is a lovely air
[stirring?] and the atmosphere
is beautifully [blue?]. Clara has
gone [?] with her devoted
cavalier Mr. Davis. I asked
Cousin N. if the signs had been
knocked down yet? for answer
he clenched his fist with a
"Let any body dare expression"

Love unspeakable to thee

August 1st 1900


My dearest -
I opened this letter of Fred's
because I know thee would want
me to have the happiness of knowing
any good news it might
contain, and also because I
thought it surer of reaching thee
if enclosed in a fresh envelope.

I hope something will come
out of this portrait; and also
that thee will go down to
Fred's place- his note is certainly
nice & cordial.

The place seems deserted to
me with thee and Jeammot
both gone, but I found
myself so physically tired
after all the excitement of the

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