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depicts so graphically a certain cide of Parisian
life - it does not have the heallhurst taste in
one's life memory. Am glad this found the love
in the sandwiches - am afraid my supply of
that was rather larger than more material
food - did thee have enough. The box was so small
I could not get in more without crushing. I
am going to sleep in the room Sister had
- it is much cooler. Walked to SistPlainfield
gate last night. Jul fine today. Have taken
dusting the parlor as my duty for the exercise

last five weeks that the restfulness
and quiet, after the departure
yesterday morning has been very
welcome to me. Having the twins
and so many children about
all the time tires unconsciously.
Mrs.Moore very kindly subs
me, but "Ce n'est pas toi." Please
write her a personal letter - that
counts for so much with bodi
farher and herself. Am glad thee
had such a pleasant traveling
companion over from Phila.
It must be fine to get in
touch with life once more.
I am reading "Les Grandes
Dames" - but really though it

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