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hay house this morning - have to
get exercise when and how I
can. The old corn field was fine
earth baked brown, stacks green
and yellow and thunder clouds
hanging low over all. There is a
certain beauty in this Southern
atmosphere after all - it seems to
hang so low, and be all en-
veloping, and the shimmery quality
of the heat is individual. I know
just how horney the Studio feel
after "High Life"- wish I could slip
in myself, and breathe its
quiet atmosphere awhile. Remem-
ber me to Mr. Crank.
Love untold


August 18th, 1900
My dearie -
Well at last we have some
truth about this Peking affair, and
I am as relieved as those poor
besieged Ministers - my sympathies
have been so wrought upon since
the uncertainty of their fate became
suspected that I am in a mentally
exahusted condition in consequence.

I don't like to cry "Miserie", but
the heat goes on with no apparent
let up though the mercury usually
stops at 89° against 98° which
ought to mean a betterment.

Mrs. Moore says she feels like
some kind of a hibernating beast
living in a darkened room, and
only venturing out after nightfall.

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