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I told her to write to the
hotel in the village which
she is going to do, and
then she asked if thee would
make her a list of water colors
necessary in outdoor sketch
ing - she thought thee was
such here. I told her I would
write and ask thee.

Mrs. Moore has had such
a bad headache for a day
or two that she has been quite
invalided - she is better this
morning. Clara is back again
I think father finds the
quiet of no company in the

house well nigh unbearable.

I never knew a man so depen
dent in his home on the outside
influence he brings in to it.
It is really pitiful to me.

There is no home life here -
nothing but a constant run of
company. I feel [selfish?] as the
cause of the quiet at present,
and have begged him not to
consider me, but he is so kind
always. Cousin [Dollie?] wont be
able to come for some weeks
as her Aunt is sick & she
has boarders. [?] Appleton
wrote ackowldging the certificate

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