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It was funny about those kittens
one day four appeared from nobody
knows where - Father wanted them
disposed of at once, but none of the
colored people would kill them
because they were "old enough to look
at you." Providence came to Father's
aid - one day the prettiest of the
lot was found in a decapitated
state, cause unknown, the next day
the 2nd prettiest laid down and
gasped its little life away, the
next day the ugliest conveniently
disappeared, nobody knows where,
& now we have the 3rd in order
of beauty left to us & thriving
daily. It watches Jean at his play
like a person. J chatters away
to it and himself. Greetings to
Mr. Crank. as thee sees I am
rushed. All love, Margaret.

June 1st, 1900.

My dearie-
I don't wonder thee can't establish
a balance between Prof. Appleton
and Miss Esther - they seem to an outsider
too different to ever marry but
we don't know what depths of sympathy
there may be between them; and Mrs.
M. says Aunt E. is really handsome
she is so happy. She is not going to
tell any one until she gets down here towards
the end of June. Won't thee
have to get some kind of clothes for
such a momentous occasion? I
have that blue dress just ready to step
into - how fortunate that I brought
it with me instead of packing it
away at 30th St. Father has had a
really bad cold - he caught it, he
thinks, when the thermometer fell
during the eclipse. It really did get
6° colder here. Thee don't tell me
one thing of what thee is doing - I feel
it in thy letters. Are things going

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