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between you. I have every thing which
is necessary for the new boy, and
shall make it at my leisure. I
am very lazy - thee cannot imagine
how much I can sleep - it surprises
myself, but I think is doing me good.

I am feeling better though some
days not quite up to par. My little
dresses for Jean are a great success
- he looks very fetching in them. I
love to look at him in them for
I sewed so many happy evenings
into them. I look back on the
Winter as having been a very happy
one - dear old man if we had money
enough to live always together we
would be too perfectly happy, and
that is why this cross is given us to
bear. Please remember me to Mr. C. I
am so glad he is with thee, and am
sure thee find it pleasant too. Please
remember me to the [Camps?] & [Miols?] also.
Thy wife,

May 19th, 1900.

My dearie
Thy letter yesterday was so weclome,
and I read and reread it many
many times. The letters I meant to
destroy were those which I wrote thee
before we were married - I found a
box of them in our old trunk in the
garret. I will go over them at my
leisure, and [read?] as thee suggests. I
cannot bear to destroy a line of thy
writing though Sweetheart. If that is
to be done thee will have to do it
thyself. The old man at the bar was
right, and I heartily echo his sentiments:
there is a deal of courage and
good sense hidden under those rough
exteriors. The [slickers?] will do me
for many months ot come. I only wish
I had enough stamops to use them
all up at once. I counted my collection
lately, and have just 1600 -
I thought that I had at least 2000.
I am curious to see how Mr. [Morrill?]

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