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is going to act - he has not been
square, and even Father with his
loyalty to Friends says he fears there
is some trickery on foot. I also
spoke to him about insurance, &
he says it would pay us to carry $1000
even at the enormous rate of $1.25
per $100. Why is the rate so high?
--it makes me fear the old building -
please sleep with thy nostrils all
agog for the first whif of smoke,
if I was there I would have no fear,
my refractory nerves would never
play me false at the hour of need.

Yesterday came a letter from Fred,
or rather an enclosure- an envelope
addressed to the Concierge at[?]
65, with two pressed pansies, and
two tiny pieces of forget-me-not inside,
and outside was [stuck?] an
unused Exposition stamp. I conclude

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that Fred must have been
out, and teh Concierge sent us
that touching little souvenir. We
have certainly some good and
loyal friends on the other side.

Last night the blessed rain came
so gently and quietly that it seemed
like music and this morning the
poor thirsty earth looks refreshed. It
still rains a steady drip, drip on the
roof, and everything living looks grateful
for it. Yesterday I asked J
to do something. it concerned himself
entirely and was optional with
him: "No he answered me. I promised
my mind I wouldn't."- He
is a queer little chap, so affectionate
and loving. it breaks his heart to
feel that you are displeased with
him, and he cannot be happy
unless all is love & peace between

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