Letter: Margaret Bancroft to Milton Bancroft, May 21, 1900



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Milton Bancroft [Esg?] 30 East 14th [St.?] new york city n.y.

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2005.0028.00099 immense if not always wise. I wrote to Mrs. Dolly yesterday - suppose they have gone to [N.W.? so sent it there. When thee comes will thee bring [Jean's?] "Chansons Françaises , and if thee would slip in a lb. of this 10¢ paper with a pkg. of envelopes it would be a good investment. I still have some left - don't send by mail as it would cost more than it is worth and I can get very nice paper at Sam Wetheralds almost as cheap. There is a chapter in Mrs. Oliphants Florence which has the most delightful extracts from the writings of an old burgher of the 11th Cen. that I have even come across - we must read some of them aloud when thee comes, [Jean?] says "Tell [Pohelia?] I glad he comin," and love goes to thee from us both. Are my letters as unsatisfactory as ever? Thine always, Margaret.

Norwood - May 21st, 1900 My dearestI wonder if thee will remember that today Father goes to New York - I forgot to tell thee in my last letter.

He will carry the very good accounts of thy family's health - I feel so very much better, have a good sun burnt color, and yesterday walked to Dr. Elbrey's gate and back -think what a tramp. and [Jeannot?] is glorious and so good and sweet and intelli gent that my maternal pride is puffing out like a véritable hen with one chicken.

I will have that sketch I spoke of ready to send tomorrow & think it is the roughest most immature kind of work, but I want thy opinion and criticism before I try to make it into a readable tale if I can do it

I have written all this lying down in

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