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Think of Uncle Appleton - does
thee imagine he has lost his
bored expression. I really can't
think yet of anything but the
astonishing side of the affair

Father thinks we had better
not write to Miss Hetty yet -
wait till she leaves the college.

Dear me I cannot take it
in yet - was there ever such a
surprise in store for an un-
suspecting family? Isn't thee
delighted - I am. Uncle Appleton
oh! for the vision of Cousin
Harry Davis' face when he
hears. Much love and don't say
boo to the ghost of a soul.
Thine dear heart

May 28th 1900
My dearie -
Please cross thy heart as we used
to say as children, and promise
thee wont tell before going on:
This bit of news Father told me
under solemn pledge of secrecy
with permission to tell thee under
the same, for which I vouched. Now
have I made it sufficiently
clear that thee and I are taken
into this grand bit of news under
oath - Isn't thee all agog to
know what it is?

Miss Het and Prof. Appleton
are to be married July 12th here
at Norwood - hurrah! Uncle
Appleton as Clara has called him
for years has at last found his
mind, and his bachelor days are

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