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Sandy Spring,
May 6th, 1900

I hardly know how to take hold -
everything is so different from
yesterday where we were together.
I am less than half when I haven't my
old man. But "Courage" is the
word "[chez nous," and in are not
going to worry each other with
useless regrets but just see the
enemy side and rejoice that
our life is so full of love.

I must ask thee if I did not con
trol myself life a brave girl yester
day when my heart was breaking
within me. I looked at "Staten
Island" as we pulled out and in
[against?] thee in a warm [con?] later
[illegible ] - I hope thee did not take
cold. We had just as easy and
pleasant a trip down as possible.

I really did not feel any [trid?] though
of course a little

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