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the magazine thee bought me was
a great pleasure, and the story in
it by Miss Brown a really decent
study of New England life.

Jeannot was asleep when he got
here but came in this morning &
was delighted to see me, has hardly
left my side since, the first thing
he said after kissing me was
"And [Popertie?] must come too". He
has been so affectionatly sweet all
the morning, and has toed me about
every five minutes how much he
loves me. He looks very much better
than when he left New York. Mary
S. has just come in to see me, &
is now reading "Slovenly Peter" to
Jean - the old jingles sounds very
familiar, and bring back the
[Bristol?] life. By the way I shall
send this to the Bristol and thee
will hear from me Sunday.

I went to see Dr. Brooke this
morning, and he thinks we did a

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