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very wise thing to get this journey
over. he forbids riding and orders
absolute quiet until this flow, what-
ever it is, ceases. He does not think
it can be the water bag - has
given me a tonic, and I think
every thing will be all right. The
country is very lovely - full of hte
color of budding trees and fruit-
blossoms; but I can only half enjoy
for the best of me mentally seems
left with thee. Dearie - I am so
thankful that we love each other
and are married, and though the
separations are heart breaking they
will end soon I hope & think.

Just one of the trials which mould
us. I feel that thee will be able
to work better now that thee knows
that I am on the way to being
all right. This sweet, country air
makes me feel better already

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