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in '95 there was a grand rise
in the value of stamps as well as
the discovery of many new varieties -
I found that we had many valuable
U.S. stamps, and by chance I
had saved many of the varieties
without knowing it - just recognized
at sight that the stamps
were different in some way and
think them on that side [large?]. He
quite revived my old interest in
our collection, and I am saving
harder than ever. It says it is
wise to [oan?] every stamp that
comes your way - what wisdom
thee has - remember how I
laughed at thee for saving those
2 [red?] U.S. A few days ago
John sold $15 of 2 [red?] American
stamps because in the last
year [thy?] had discovered a
slight variation in the issue. [He?]
says that frequently[it is [years?].

Norwood -
May 7th, 1900.

My darling -

Thee would be perfectly delighted
if thee could see how much
better I look already - this country
air full of apple blossoms and the
smell of growing wheat has gotten
all through me, and I feel already
like a different person - what
will I be when thee sees me in a
few weeks, fairly radiating
health. I was dreadfully tired Saturday
and Sunday but this morning have
been doing all sorts of things, and
don't feel a bit fatigued. It certainly
was the right move, and I
feel that thee will work with more
joy and result since thee knows
that I am well and loving thee
every moment of the day. We seem
to be together despite the distance
and I talk away to thee, or rather
think away to thee all the time.
Lots of old friends have been in to
call and have asked most

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