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May 9th, 1900.

My darling -

The [loveliest?] most musical Summer
rain is falling - as it falls on the old
box walk it sounds like a subdued
melody. I suppose thee hears the same
music on the glass of the skylight, but
it must lack some of the sweetness, al-
though my homesick ears would give a
great deal to hear it. I can't get used
to having to write as the sole means of
communing with thee: I really can't
fall in and say all that my brain
[?] with for thee. I wonder why it has to
be, but that it is right. I feel sure. I
am feeling much better though still so
tired often. I am very quick go up &
down stairs as little possible, and lie
down whenever I feel like it and I
really would not dare to tell thee at
what hour I go to bed. The joy of child
ren when you have a home for them
passes all my understanding - Jean
is the greatest comfort to me down
here, and we have a great deal of [satis?]

thought for her. Writing tires me
so I concentrate on thee, and don't
get many other letters written. Don't
think my letters are stupid - they
are full of love for thee and that
reminds me will thee give me leave
to destroy all my old love letters to
thee? I was reading them the other day
and they seemed so immature and
childish that I feel ashamed of them.
Thee will never read them again, and
they are bad witnesses for me. I wont
touch them without they permission. Mrs.
Moore suggests that thee make a McClure cover
with a steamer leaving this shore and the
Exposition buildings in the background.

There is great excitement at present ovedr
the telephone [illegible] & a scheme to turn Joe
Jr. out of the Treasurership. Jean sends
love and a kiss to Popertie and Popertie
knows my message to him is unchanging of the name of Esther Hallett for thy daughter
- my great gran
except that it is ever necessary in
[illegible] & quality.

{Writing between the two pages:
What does thee think of Esther Hallett for thy daughter
- my great grandma & her's name. Please send me a package of stamp

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