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She is going through the growing pains
but will come out all right I am sure
The rearranged parlor must be a joy
to thee. The room I am sure can be
made most attractive and all the changes
thee has made are in the right direction
A letter today from the Corcoran expressed
a desire to have my war sketches as soon
as their exhibition dates would permit
but that they could not show them before
Mar. 1st and suggested that for showing in
the cases they had for the purpose that a
much larger proportion of uprights would
be desirable. Whether I have enough of those
that I would want to show is a question but
think it can be managed. Thee sees the cases
are of such a size that the "horizontal" drawings
dont hang to advantage. There will be just
two dozen of the large drawings but I think
I can fix things up so as to make a good

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