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Roger BF to Mary Hallowell -2- 12/13/'61

cause to regret such a step, but should it be otherwise though
it would be the greatest trial I was ever subjected to I hope
I should not forget to rely upon that all wise and merciful Being
who orders all things for the best and whose strong arm is able
to protect us from all harm.

[P inserted for readability] Thee said thee wished I had
been at Rockland to hear Uncle B, I always enjoy hearing him
speak on such matters and also in listening to his preaching
because I believe he is good and is sincere in what he sayd.
I regret that we are all not more concerned about our future
welfare and though I cannot feel that security it is the privilege
of some to feel, I think that everything should be subordinate
to a preparation for that life which has no end. I am
often struck with the little difference it makes how things go
in this life which is but a few days at most, so we are making
a preparation for the one to come.

[P inserted for readability] Thee said though it was difficult
to believe, we would have to believe that the way of the
righteous man is the easiest, I have not a doubt but that it is
the case for where this confidance is felt the ups or downs of
this life are harmless in their effect and our true pleasures
are not diminished, as Cowper says,

Religion does not censure or exclude
Unnumbered pleasures harmlessly pursued.

It is time for me to stop preaching without I was better
than I am for it is said thou must remove the beam from thine
own eye that thee mayst see more clearly to take the mote from
thy brothers eye.

What will we most likely be doing eight weeks from now,
how soon the time will be here. I can hardly realize what is
to take place, [Mary's marriage to Willie Brooke] but with
all sincerity I wish you a long and happy life and that I may
ever remain thy attached cousin,

/s/ R. B. Farquhar

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