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Roger BF to Mary S. Hallowell -2- 10/20/1861

is decided it may be the best for both of us. But if I have
hoped without foundation and my wish is not realized I know not
what is to become of me.

"For he that stems the mountain stream with sand
or fetters flame with flaxen band,
Has yet a harder task to prove
By firm resolve to conquer love!"

Thee says thee could not influence a person in such a matter
more than to give thy opinion of the worshipped object. Please
do not neglect to do this if compatible with thy judgement.

Though not taking thy questions seperatley I think the most
of them are answered and I hope satisfactorily. The part of thy
letter which reffered to thy own prospects was ver interesting
and though I have read it over four or five times it has not
joining meeting. I would be so delighted if he felt it right to
do so, and it would be so much more pleasant to all of you, though
certainly must be more congeniality in married life where there
is not this difference between you. Willie thinks I do not take
an intrest in his affairs but I hope he will find out he is mistaken,
and that we will be firm freinds and pleasant neighbors
to each other.

I have not decided yet wether I will go Yearly Meeting
or not. I have calculated on going for several months but there
are so many difficultys in the way. I have such a quanitity of
work to do it is hardly right to leave home and there is no
place I could feel easy to stay at in Baltimore without it was
a boarding house, and this were I able, would not be consistent
with my belief of Friends principles, for I think the real true
principle of Friends is beautifull, to assist an unfortunate
brother in distress, even of a pecuniary nature, and to willingly
return hospitallity at the different meeting gruding it not
even to strangers amongst then not hsowing that it is a pleasure
to extend it whether expecting to reveive it in return ot not.
For there are very few who are not able to entertain their
friends as seldom as they are called on to do so but I will say
nothing more of the mote in the eyes of the Balto. friends
without I was cetain the beam was not of my own. I sincerly
wish there may not be one.

Anna and I expect to go to Washington and back tomorrow
if the weather is good though we cannot calculate much upon that
for it has been so unsettled lately. Anna is then going to
Olnoy to stay until after Yearly meeting and what will become
of me if she does not come back then, I cannot say. May I am
sure thee does not know how much the remark thee made the other
evening hurt mem I allude to thy saying thee was glad I could
not get allong without Anna, thee may mean the same as to say
thee wished I had a permanent companion. In this can heartily

* Willie Brooke, Mary's finace

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