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40 John & Caroline Wallace } Son in law and daughter of Lethe Webster

1883 Dr: Cr:
May 22nd To advice & medicine for infant 1.00
July 31st By one days washing 050
" By one days washing .50
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1886 John & Sarah Johnson } Colored. Live on Chas G Porter's place
April 15th To dressing extensive lacerated & contused
wound on left hand & wrist for son "Thos Elie" 5.00
" 16th to Primary visit advice &C. for son T Eli 2.50
Nov: 28th to advice & medicine for John 1.00
January 17th To Advice & medicine for John (sore throat &c.) 1.00
February 9th to Advice & medicine for Sarah (sent by John. 1.00
February 10th to Primary visit advice & med: for Sarah 2.50

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