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20 Herbert Dublin & Wife Nee Amanda Hill Lives with Ed P. Thomas Jr.

1882 __ Dr. Cr.
September 21 To reduction of dislocation of "little finger" of right hand, bandaging &c 1.00
Dec. 29th To primary visit advice & med at Dorseys 2.50
" 31st " 2.00
January 6th Medicine sent by Amanda Hill .50
Nov. 8th By Cash of Henson Plummer 5.40
- commissioned of Henson Plummer .60
January 19th To advice & medicine for his wife 1.00
February 2d By Cash 6.00
" 2d To advice prescribing treatment etc.
for "gonorrhoae" -- the ballance $(5.00)
to be paid within six months from date. 10.00
June 6th By Cash paid to son Charly at Ashton 2.00
Sept. 22d He claims to have paid Charly one dollar
since the above credit & has receipt.
" 22d To advice & med for wife 1.00
" 22d By Cash 1.00
Oct. 5th By Cash 2.00
Nov. 12th To Primary visit advice & med for infant 2.50
1886 Bill Jan 8th/86
Dec. 20th To primary visit advice & medicine
" for Amanda (stormy day and bad roads) 3.00
" 27th To advice & medicine (sent by boy Herbert White) 1.00
" 27th By Cash 90

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