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35 Clear N.W.
MARCH, FRIDAY 25th 1887.
Extremely windy all through
last night. Harriet suffered
greatly with pain in the head
and sick stomach most of the
night. I slept none and feel
"under the weather this morning
Charley & I drove to Dan Banks'
& prescribed again for his boy.
"Garfield". Willie rode Luther
Mancasters bicycle."
William Cunnard fell dead
this morning in one of his
fields which plowing prob-
ably from "heart disease".
Afternoon Charley & Willie hauled
another cord of Sawed pine woods
from Wm S Bond's. Martha A Wright
called & paid her bill. Banks'
sent for medicine. After tea
I went to I Harts house in the
buggy & Willie went to Olney
to his Lodge Riding " Fritz"
I wrote to F Tyson in answer to a
letter from him of the 22nd. I walked
up to the store & mailed it after dark

37. Cloudy & Clearing S. W.

Charley & I drove to Day
Bank's. I drove down to Ash
-ton. Afternoon we finished
piling wood in wood house.
After supper C & I walked
down to Ashton. Ernest &
Minnie arrived about
9. 45. p.m. Had music
in the evening & did not get
to bed until after midnight.

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