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29 Clear & Cloudy S. W.
March, Sunday 27th. 1887.
William Cunnard was buried
at the "Meeting house" at 10.oclk
this morning, Frank Snowden
called to see Ernest & Minnie
about "meeting time". Charley
drove to Dan Bank's. Ernest
went with him. Bank's boy
"Ellie" came for medicine.
I walked up to the store
before supper for tomatoes
& peaches . Minnie gave
us some excellent music
on the piano both sacred
& Other music & in the
evening we had music from
the "amatteur" String band"

37- Cloudy S. W.
March, Monday 28th 1887

Thunder storm last
night from 11.oclock until
after mid night with one
or two of the heaviest peals
or shocks of thunder I have
ever heard: they were more
like shocks of an Earthquake
than anything else: forturen-
ately all of "my folks" were
at home. Ernest and
Minnie left for Elton after
breakfast this morning.
I drove to Dans Bank's, Charley
going with me. Afternoon
I was sent for from Jne.E.Hills
& drove over to see their little
boy. Charley went over later
in the evening to see him.
Slept little or none last night
in consequence of the storm.

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