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Ans - Yes by all

12/ Ques - Will it pay me to feed my steers more grain?

Ans - Most say yes till the grass is good

13/ Ques - Mr Gibbs of Virginia has a very handsome
Imported [CJack] horse on exhibitions. He was
greatly admired but the price for services was
too high for this locality. orig #25

Adjourned to meet at at AM Stabler's
May 7th 1892
T.J. Lea, Sec

Sunnyside May 7th 1892

The Enterprise Club was called to order at 5:30
by Chas H Brooke. P T Stabler Arthur Stabler and
W W Moore were absent. As Guests we had BD
Palmer, RH Miller Walter H Brooke & Charles
Brooke. After reading the minutes of the previous
meeting held here we started for a short walk
The new dairy house was greatly admired but
had not yet been tried. The Garden was in good
condition & far more foward than most as this date.
The Dairy Cows were in fine order showing
good care & feed. Your Sec. thought Hogs
were too numerous for the pen soon at hand.
Some promising heifers were seen at the barn
On returning to the house it was found the Sec had
neglected to bring the minutes of the last meeting
so the time was cocupied in various ways. Considerable
interested is still manifested in the Washington Market.
It was thought not worth while to do any [work] at this
session of Congress. After supper the following
questions were asked and answered.

1/Ques - What is the price of pasturing colts?
Ans - One year old $2 per mo.

2/Ques - What is a pair of horses & plow worth per day,
Ans - From $2, to $2.25 per day if fed by owner.

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