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560th, Meeting ENTERPRISE CLUB. 11/4/11

This is the first meeting with our host S. P. Thomas
since, he came to live at Cherry Grove with his bride.

It is very pleasant to see this fine old homestead
occupied again.

The members absent from this meeting were, C. L Gilpin,
M. J. Stabler, T. L. Jackson, W. M. Candy, and Malcom Farquhar.

The guest present were, W. J. Thomas, A. G. Thomas,
R. B. Thomas, John Thomas, Dr. F. Thomas, R. Brigham, J. C. Bentley
F. Snowden, W. H. Gilpin, W. M. Stabler, and C. F. Brooke.

The walk took us through the thrifty young orchard that
we hope will be bearning good crops of fine apples in a very few
years. Aheavy crop of sorghum was in shoch on a part of the front
lot. The old barn had been remodeled and the other old buildings
looked very neat in their coat of whitewash.

We saw a new hen house of the latest model with many
conveniences and we hope the hens will appreciate their fine
quarters and fill the egg basket.


The hog house trough was thought to be in bad shape.
Cow, calf and colt -

We believe there was some discussion as to the cause of
the large fire place in the front room smoking and T. B. Stabler
called for a crow-bar and remodeled it forthwith by removing some
bricks from the throat which was thought to help it.

Later a rather unusual sight of this part of the country
in this day was to see the fire replenished with some full
length cord sticks. And this leads to the reflection that the fire
place is all very well for the new country with plenty of wood

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