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and no market for it but at the prevailing prices the value of
the wood that a fire place will consume will heat a good sized
house if burned in a furnace or in stoves.
After a bountiful supper served by our hostess, assisted
by her mother, sisters and friends we again took our places before
that cheerful fireplace piled high with those big logs that looked
like they might last well into the next day.
As wehave had no previous meetings at this place, some
one was throughtful and kind enough to send a copy of the last
minutes if the Senior Club held here during the lifetime of Samuel
P. Thomas, Sr. on Feb. 6th. 1892, 19 years ago.
Then the minutes of the last meeting of the Club, held
at Willow Heights, were read and approved. our Hoat has counted
the meetings of the Club as recorded in the minute books and finds
this last one to be the 559th, he also read us some extracts from
and notes in tge meetings of years ago, which were very interesting
and were ordered spread in full on the minutes of the Club.

S. P. Thomas Moved and it was adopted that the Club place $5.00
at the discretion of the coming poultry and Pigeon show for prem-
S. P. T. Would it be practical to plant peach seeds in the ground
where you want the tree and bud them in place? Was advised to
plant the seeds in the seeds in the nursery row and bud and transplant.
C. E. Bond. What is cow- pea ansd sorghum hay worth in the shock? $10.
Arthur Stabler. Would advise to buy cattle with only fodder for
long feed? It was thought possible with heavy cattle and stable
feeding to make some profit.
A.S. How much cold will Mcormick potatoes stand? As low as 25.

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