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Belmont 1-27-12 563

The absent members were: R.G.
Moore and Arthur Stabler. Those present
as guests were R.H Miller, John Thomas
Wm W. Moore, [?] F Thomas, Frederic
Stabler, Frank Snowden, J.C. Bentley,
E. Clifton Thomas, Nathan Wafle, Wm J.
Thomas and Mr Richardson of Deleware
who gave us a very interesting talk
on fruit raising methods in his
state. Owing to the cold raw
weather the walk of inspection was not
very extensive. The up-to-date cow
stable which is one of the best in
this vicinity was found in good working
order. The convenience of every
thing was especially notable.

A close inspection of the the hog house
revealed a Thomas cat as the only
form of life therin. There are instances
on record when sausage has
been accused of containing
members of the canine family but
the Feline family is generally considered
exempt. Several of our horticulturally
inclined members and guests
looked longingly at the now dormant
garden as our host is one of our [?]
vegetable growers. In season the
Belmont garden furnishes the main
attraction on the walk and at the table.
The minutes of the last meeting at Newton
Stablers were read and approved.

Mr Richardsons talk was in lieu of
an essay by our host.

E.P.T. is told that wheat straw last year was
worth $6.00 per ton bailed. Also that
it is with an average of 60cent per bag
for a two horse market wagon to Washington.

R.B.T. thinks Mapes fertislizers too expensive.

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