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Longmeade 3-2-1912

The club met at Geo. A. Wilsons
3-2-1912 with the following members absent:
C. E. Bond, C. L. Gilpin, J Lemar
Jackson, M. J. Bentley, and Arthur Stabler.
Their places well filled by the
following guests: Chas Wilson, R. H
Miller, John Thomas, Mr Thomas,
Luther Muncaster, Herbert and Albert
Wilson. Asa M. Stabler, appointed
at the last meeting to collect
dues for the Farmers Convention, was
not prepared to report in full.

Owing to the gross injustic of
District laws on Maryland farmers,
we were deprived of seeing one of
the finest herds of cows ever owned
in this section. In place of the
cows, we saw a splendid lot of
cattle, 20 in all, which our host
was forcing for an early market.

They are being stall fed with
4 lbs of cotton seed meal, one pk. of
ground corn and ensilage. In view
of the buying weights 1002 and
the time they have been on the farm
67 days our host has done remarkably
well with them. The secretary
was asked to make a special note
of the enormous supply of wood at
the wood pile. Several hundred
white Leghorn pullets in comfortable
houses were much admired.

Malcom Farquhar reported as
a delegate to the Antisaloon League
meeting at Rockville. Asa M.
Stabler spoke of being highly in
favor of abolishing the mortgage
tax of Montgomery Co. The subject
started a discussion between Wm
Canby and B. H. Miller which
threatened the further proceeding

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