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sincerely hope we shall not be like Tilmore
who we are told, "has frightened before he has hurt"

Shall we hang hams in the cellar _ A dry well
ventilated place considered the best. Attic will do.

[Rumy?] flour is soemtimes caused by sprouted
wheat _ sometimes by its being ground too fine
Ferry's flour considered better than Bond's at present.

What kind of hedge to plant _ Some say
privet, but osage wins the day.

Has any one tried to make self raising
yeast. Only one who reports it not a success _
because her invaluable friend in the kitchen
thought it did not rise fast enough _ and added
yeast _ a thing she could never have thought
of doing, had it been the right thing to do _

Who has gardened _ Some have planted
peas and potatoes.

Local option next discussed. Whether
it can be obtained by general or special
eletion. The latter considered most likely to result
favorably. B. H. Miller appointed to use
his influence at Annapolis.

The Essay question proposed at the
last meeting, here received its death blow _
Some confessing themselves to be entirely
unable to compose a short article or recite
anything at all. So we find ourselves
divided into three parties _

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Osage orange is Maclura pomifera, a small deciduous tree or large shrub, native to the south-central United States of America.