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111th Meeting

Seventeen members of the "Home Interest"
met at Oak Hill, April 17th 1880. Mary Miller
Robert & Hannah Stabler, Carrie Taylor & Margaret
Magruder, and her son Richard were with us.

Our hostess was on the invalid list, but as
we are not in need of being entertained, we
hope we were not too much care.

The weather being pleasant we took our
usual walk and found all in good order _ The
pretty little flower garden had been enlarged
and was nicely prepared for its summer work.
The vegetable garden too was started & looked well.

The cellar under the new parlor having
just been completed we were invited to look at it
and found all very convenient and nice.

Benjamin Miller was then requested to give
his report on Local Option, which was that it
had been decided that a special election
would cost the county $200 extra, which
could not be thought of for a moment.

What shrub best to plant on north
side of house. Pyrus japonica & Euonymus proposed.

How to remedy a broken place in pebble dash,
some would mend the place & then plant
vines _ others would do only the latter, The
questioner wished for some vine that might

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Pyrus japonica = Pieris japonica