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to consider the matter, and say what best
to do, then report to our next meeting.

The Secretary and minutes of last
meeting were neither at hand. Wm
W. Moore was foreman of the meeting, and
asked for the following questions.

1st How to get rid of kalsomine so the
walls may be whitewashed. No one knows
certainly except to scrape it off.

Will Maderia vine grow for a winter
vine, yes, but ivy advised in place.

How to make closets mouse proof_
Keep a cat in the closet, board up all
the way_ stop the holes with calcine
plaster What is it worth to dress
chickens_ 2 cents a piece.

Shall E. P. Thomas take stumps
out of his wheat field when the wheat
is already sowed or leave them four or
five years_ Leave until there is a good sod.

When to cover flowers_ Middle of Dec.
Same readerscontinued adjourned to meet at B. H.
Millers 4th of 12th mo. 1880.

Pattie R. Stabler. Sec. pro tem.

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