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little encouragement given the inquirer about
"high priced lye hoppers" few proving more
satisfacatory than the old fashioned inexpensive
ones. M.E. Moore highly recommended Larkins
"Home Sweet Home" Soap for family use. The
member insisting to know if it would pay to
exchange large hogs for small pork. [?]
was advised to share the change if he could find
a posessor of small pork willing. Spring pigs
fattened make best meat for home table, most
thought. But one member uses pickle in
salting meat; and one we believe was buying
meat at this time. The turkeys will have
to roam, there being no way know to keep
them at home. The genersal opinion was against
filling ice houses with snow early
in the season, wait a reasonable time for
ice. Fred and Pattie R. Stabler were elected
to serves us as President and Secretary for the
next twelve months. As the Dec. meeting
would occur just before Xmas, a busy time
for all, and A.G. Thomas' motion to drop that
meeting being seconded & carried, P.T. Stabler
and Louisa T. Brooke were appointed to read
at Sunnyside 1st mo 19th 1891 Then Adjourned.
A.O.S. Sec.

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