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{Meeting 220 1-19-19}

At Sunnyside we again find
a goodly number of our members
assembled to hold the 220th
meeting of the Home Interest
and were also glad to welcome
so many guests who contributed
much to the interest of the

Asa M. Stabler, tho holding the
delicate relation of host was
acquented to call the meeting to
order. No secretary responding
to the call, Cornelia A. Stabler,
kindly read the minutes of one
year ago and Albina O. Stabler
those of last meeting Alban
G.Thomas was unkindly, asked
to serve for the evening.

At this season of the year a "wash
out" as usual resulted in a "Talk
in" and the hot beds with their
numerous appendages were freely
discussed at a distance, and we
hope that plenty of early salad
and vegetables will be the result
of the interchange of views, and

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