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the reciprocity between the labor
of the farmer and the garden

Questions A chronic epidemic has prevailed
among us this winter
not the Grips the measles or
malaria but Rats it is
and Mary. T. Bond wants to know
how to treat hers. Many receipts
were given & "Rough on Rats" recommended
to be given with their
lunch of bread & butter.

A.M. Stabler informed that he
was having crushed at C.E. bone
mill several tons of oysar
shells and would supply
the same at 37 1/2 cts per 100 wt
These shells to be given the chickens
to feed upon this making
a hard shell for the market man
to handle and also giving the
small chick a few hours longer
than its alloted time to pik the triple
plated shell.

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