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Glenwood 8-28-'93
drought. The minutes of the last meet-
ing were adopted, and then the questions
began, tho it proved to be the best in-
formed gathering that the present Sec'y
has been called to take notes on, and
very few seemed to desire information
on any subject.
[...]The gentle shower outside suggested
the query whether it would be worthwile
to grow kale if this rain proved wet. It was
thought that it would. Mt. Airy and
Tanglewood were the only places represented
where celery has grown this summer, and
there it was by[] of watering.
[...]Red and green were the colors recom-
mended for the new barn at Willow
Heights, and the vote was so divided
that the burden of decision will rest as
heavily as before on its owners.
[...]Blue was recommended as the most
durable color in carpet warp, and the
best to use when only one shade is desired.
[...]A guest was advised to pack[]sal-
[] in earth to take it to Baltimore for winter
use; it should be kept damp.
[...]Probably one could make cabbage from
plants just set out.

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