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Then questions gave out, but the con-
versational and the rain continued till
supper was announced. When we
rose from the beautifully furnished
table the rain and wind had increased
so that the meeting assembled in the
parlor, and a new call to questions
began. No one seemed to have found
that the drought had increased the
blight of [?], to make grass grow
in a backyard, have well-defined paths
and keep people off the place where the
grass ought to grow - by fences if necessary. It is
not worth while to sow seed on a thin
sod to thicken it - frequent mowing and
top-dressing will accomplish the desired

To get rid of moles a "figure 4" do a spring
trap was recommended.

August 12th is the time to plant slips
for winter blooming.

The best time to sell young ducks that
have a tendency to mysteriously disap-
pear is as soon as they are grown.

No one present knows whether it
would [?] gooseberry-bushes minus
leaves to trim them now; but Vick

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