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285 Meeting

January 18th 1897. "Midwinter No."

Again the members of the Ideal Home Interest
assembled at Plainfield. Having rather more
hosts than the year contains months this society
is not punctual in its yearly visits, but like
the moon appears a little later each succeeding
time. John Thomas, the presiding officer
arrested the commucation about half an hour
late, as is our wont.

Our popular secretary, who has filled the
position with so much motherly dignity and
womanly grace, feeling the air of the new
era. early in the evening announced that
she expected to attend a night meeting
in an adjoining town and with the
authority, supposed to accompany this new
state of affairs, appointed to fill the office
a man (now a stay at home) thus the meeting
was inflicted with secretary pro tempor.

The meeting was small owning to
several complications but several guests
assisted in filling the vacant places.

The evening was begun by reading the
minutes of previous meetings held at Mt.
Airy & Plainfield. The custom of announcing
a walk out at this season has assumed
a set phrase to see the flower windows &
change of chairs is the total result.

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