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[stamped] 132
Willow Heights. Jan 16th 1899.

Auction of a "Mad Stone" for four hundred dollars.

The [ardent] purchaser may have in view a
santiarium that shall rival all modern science
in beneficence to mankind. To insure the success of such a possible venture, it is to be hoped that
the proper abracadabra has been correctly
transmitted also. The Home Interest loyally
remembers that France rendered valuable
assistance in the early struggles of our nation,
but disclaims any ability to read French; so a
guest - Mrs. Davis - kindly read for us "A menu
in Rhyme, with admirable managment of
accent and silent letters. Were this same menu
materially served the Home Interest could
easily manage it regardless of French terms.

A sober statement of the contrasting conditions
of this country at the beginning of this century
and in this last year of it, reminded some of us of
the length of time we have lived. Various funny
and sentimental selections succeeded each other
until supper was announced which was followed
by the usual hour of lively sociability.

When the gavel called the Secty. to her duties
we heard first, items of interest from our friends
A.G. & Sue Thomas who are spending the winter
in California. They claim to be living under
the shadow of a Geranium in full bloom, eighteen
feet high, and which has twelve stems 4 in. in
diameter. How commonplace the products of

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