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Willow Heights - Jan. 16th 1899.

last week of '98. A doz. or more of those present
signified their intention to attend the Farmers
Institute, to be held at [Olney?], and partkae
of the oysters, sandwitches, pie & coffee - as well
as the wisdom promised as inducements.

Year old hens ought to bring 9c per lb. at
this time of the year. A cactus - The Lady Helen
has arrived at Knowlton. It is said to grow
forty ft. high. Mr. Davis the generous owner offers
the Home Interest cuttings when it shall have
reached twenty feet. As it now measures two in.
in height, we shall have ample time to make
suitable preparation. A celluloid brush
dropped in the fire would not be likely to cause
an explosion though it would burn fiercely.

What shall be done with the Philippines?
In answering this question which is of such grave
import in the political field just now, a
number frankly admitted that they did not
know. Many of those present did not favor
"expansion." Others - thought the subject
an important element in politics - would advocate
a protectorate - would raise a provisional
government looking towards self-rule - would
hold and try to civilize them - would make
them a penal colony &c. &c. while two or
three gentlemen boldly rejoiced in the step
taken by the military and believed that
added prosperity for the west, in the development

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