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Willow Heights. Jan 16th 1899.
[stamped] 133

Maryland will seem to them hereafter!

In response to the call for questions - Carrie
Brooke wants a settled cook, but will try any kind.
Unfortunately for her the derth of cooks remains
chronic in this neighborhood. Powdered sulfur
is used in greenhouses for mnildew. Turpentine-
linseed oil, and wax dissolved in turpentine
were suggested as desirable for brightening hard
wood floors. In hanging meat for curing, several
use ordinary tarred rope strings - others preferred
[illegible] with circles of [] to protect from
mice. Iron meat hooks were used also a
double hook of galvanized wire sharp at the
points. Weak brine will keep spareribs and
[chine] for a time which may be prolonged by
draining off the brine and boiling it.

There seems no invariable rule among poultry
sellers regarding giblets, but the majority seem
to favor returning them to the carcas. In cleaning
spots from cloth gasoline is applied with
a bit of cloth or a nail brush; care should be
taken that it shall not be attempted in a
room with a fire or lighted lamp.

Four icehouses are reported quite full
several others nearly full, while some have
none. B. H. MNiller had enough left from
last year to serve him. His statement
would have been surprising had not the
mercury ranged about 10 [degrees] above zero the

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