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20 318th Meeting Clifton

seems likely to become a necessity though not
feasible at present. With sufficient care most
of the down may be transferred in changing the
ticking of a feather bed. Onions for early spring
use may be set this month. It was suggested
that overgrown kale might be mown.

Asa Stabler had the pleasure of attending the
Farmers Congress held in Boston and gave
a deeply interesting account of the many
pleasures and priviliges in connection with it.
This was the seventeenth meeting of the Congress, and
was held in Texas last year.

Then adjourned to Clifton for November 20
L.W. Haviland, Secty.

The 318 meeting of the Home Interest met at
Clifton on the 15 of Jan 1900 after an interval of three mon
Dr. Farquhar was prevented, by the critical condition
of a patient from being with us and our hostes invited
Edward Bently to the chair which he filled most
satisfactory. The minutes of the last meeting at this
place were read and as usal at this season of the
year the chip box took the place of a walk outdoors
This adjunct of the Secretarys bag was found in a
state of collapse from a lack of stores and the few
chips remaining were quite consumed in the fun
of entertainment before supper was announced
Interested ones should keep knife and scissors on
hand that this amusing and instructive feature

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