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419 Meeting
Havilands Mill

The snow and ice on the hills and the
deep mud in the valley were in strange
contrast to the green grass on the lawn
in front of the Haviland house. The
grass has started up as if Spring had ar-
rived. Ive found the following
visitors present. Dr and Mrs May Hivi-
land Tatum, Miss Lydia Haviland Tatum
Miss Edge, Miss Helen Gardner and Betsy
Bobbet Farquhar, Morris Stabler and
Morris Bentley. Absentees were Arthur
Stabler and Arthur's wife, Mary & Joseph Boud.
Alban G. Thomas, Anna Nesbit, Carrie Brooke,
Rebecca T. Miller, and Virginia Sta-
bler, Albina O. Stabler and Edward N. Bentley
-John Thomas was made chairman
for the day
-Sarah Thomas Miller doesn't think
she's fit for the Forethought Com: as she
does not live up to her own recommenda-
tions. She drives along and just [?] in
against her work with too little system

But she ventures to suggest cleaning
and whitewashing cellars if you can do
it without splashing 300 jars of fruit as
she did. Incidentally she asked what
can she do with loads of empty fruit jars.

One house keeper thought if the cellar
doors were left ajar. The jars would walk
out and live up in tenant house pantrys

Mrs Willson would look after Spring
clothing and garden seeds. Samuel Boud

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