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Jan. 1931 C. Huney

I am reliably informed that the custom
of devoting a few moments of each
program hour to countemplation of the
future has been honored by the Home
Interest Club from time immemorial.
How this happy feature came to be
termed "forethought" is shrouded in
mystery. Inquiry of the oldest inhabitants
and careful perusal of
the Annals of Sandy Spring have
not lifted the veil. But lack
of knowledge of the genesis of the
name bestowed upon this time -
honored feature of our program is
quite inmaterial. It is a good
word, "Forethought", recognized by
Noah Webster and all contemporary

Henry Ford achieved fame as a
builder of automobiles and notoriety
as author of that celebrated statement
"History is mostly Bunk." This
passing remark of Henry's shocked
the world of culture and brought
down upon his little grey head
an avalanche of criticism and ridicule.

And now, unmoved by what happened

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