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to Henry the Historian, comes over
own Norris Fussell an honorable member of this club
and, at the December meeting of said club boldly
attempts to take the lime light from
the said Henry Ford by declaring,
not in prosaic prose but in
metered words inspired by the
gentle muse of poetry that
"Forethought" is also Bunk!
Mr. Chairman, it grieves me deeply,
to impeach my esteemed friend
but duty comes before friendship
and I am constrained to move, sir,
that the aforesaid Norris Fussell
be forewith charged with heresy,
high-treason and willful violatation
of poetic license. I submit, sir,
that his offense against a sacred
institution of our society was due
to no lack of knowledge of the
real meaning of the word "Forethought"
nor to failure to consult the
authorities. No, my friends, Norris
Fussell knew full well what
he was doing that dark December
night one short month ago when
he ruthlessly tore the mantle from
one of our most sacred shrines and
left poor "Forethought" naked and

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