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ashamed and branded as Bunk!
That his caustic indictment was
couched in poetic language does
not mitigate the offense but rather
aggravates it.
Later that same December night
our Chairman appointed your humble
servant as "Forethoughter" for this
January meeting. full of forebodings
he returned to his lodgings, retired
and set himself earnestly to the task
of Forethinking, but all in vain.
Mary a forethought! Nothing but bunk.
Horribly depressed I turned my face
to the wall. Then out of the gloom
came a gray and ghastly form, a
shivering siren with (?)
eyes and a bulging forehead fairly
pulsating with potential forethoughts
Ah! I gasped. Allah is good! He
answers prayer! He has sent his
servant a messenger from the future
with a full line of spring model
Forethoughts. Welcome, "thrice welcome"
I stammered, Fair angel, display
thy samples, show me thy forethoughts. The
(florescents?) eyes stared coldly with a look of
scorn tinged with pity. Then, out of the silence

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