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Lulworth Meeting, Home Interest. Dec. 22, 1931

Some did not try, some stayed away Some "Pshaw, Forgot", some would not play. Some gave the threadbare "Donts" and "Dos", "Clean out the ice house" or what you choose. "Scrub down this", "clean up that", "Dont use the telephone to chat". "Plant this here", "Sow that out there", "Dont let the southeren field go bare

Clippings are read and jokes are told While we just sit or laugh or scold Knowing, and this we must each confess, Our futile try will add nothingness; Because the bug-a-boo, - the word Can not be solved. It's just absurd. For all these definitions brought Togather, can not make forethought

So lets give up this futile thing We have been doing from Spring to Spring. But if this branch must be part of the trunk Lets change the name from Forethought to BUNK.

There being no new business, Edith Thomas read an interesting article by the HUGH WALPOLE, entitled "Has Christmas survived the Machine Age?".

Margaret Bancroft will provide the paper for the next meeting


Mrs. Weld: What time is the best to prune raspberries? In the fall. Cut out old cane.

Mrs. Tompson: What is the best time for trimming grape vines? In the Spring, while still dormant.

Mrs. Tilton: How old is this society? First meeting about 1870

Mr. Hurrrey has barred rock pullets which should be laying but are not. Why? Many various answers. I hope he found out why, nut I doubt it.

Mrs. FTomas Are turnips and beets good for chickens? Beets yes. Turnips no.

Mrs. LeMoore Announces there is a poet in the neighborhood Phillips Putman, by name, in the Elbrey home.

Mrs. S Brooke Concerned abbout behavior of boys on Hallo'een

Mrs. D.Stabler Asked to be executed from forethought committe Mrs. E. Coulter put in her place with Mr. Hurrey

Mrs. Weld. Was it wise to burn our field? Sentiment against doing so.

A [delightful?] bridge at Mrs. Proberts on Dec 28 for Social Service, sponsered by Wed. Club was announced.

The next time plans of meeting are Drayton, [Slaydside?] and Retreat. Meeting adjourned to Drayton Margaret F Fussell (sec for time)

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